DOORBRIM Door Canopy


Sometimes referred to as a door hood with a dripless front gutter that diverts rain away from building structures. Helps  stop leaks and keeps doorways, walks and ramps drip free and dry. 

First of all, a DOORBRIM door canopy has a dripless gutter that diverts rain water away from building structures. It keeps your doorways, walks and ramps drip free and dry. This is an affordable and proven solution to help solve leaking issues at doors and windows. Furthermore, all types of buildings including residential, industrial and commercial are suitable for DOORBRIM door & window canopies.

Door Canopy Benefits:

    • A DOORBRIM door canopy is made from durable ABS plastic, consequently it is weather tolerant,.
    • Sized for a standard 36″ door or window.
    • Dimensions are 54  1/4″ outside width, 51  1/2″ inside width, 7  1/2″ high and 7  1/2″ deep.
    • Door canopy is available in standard UV protected colors of almond (off white), beige or gray while easily painted any custom color.
    • Easily installed with (optional) stainless steel fasteners in a simple bed of caulking.
    • Installation on rough or uneven surfaces like brick, rough texture stucco, tilt up concrete or metal buildings are possible but require an (optional) combination of closed cell foam butyl rods and structural caulking.
    • Most noteworthy, DOORBRIM products prevent costly and premature repairs.
    • Green Features: DOORBRIM door canopies are proactive in discouraging hidden mold by preventing water intrusion.
    • Extends the life of doors, jambs and hardware.
    • ABS plastic is also fully recyclable.
    • Finally, your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Why buy DOORBRIM products?

Our awnings are superior to competitor metal flashings in several aspects. Unlike our competition’s products made of steel,  DOORBRIM awnings will never rust and will last a lifetime. A huge difference is the integrated front gutter on DOORBRIM awnings. The front gutter will not only prevent dripping but will direct water out and away from building structures. DOORBRIM awnings also project a full 7 1/2″ away from the wall.


DOORBRIM Door Canopy



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  • The garage door leaked every time it rained until I installed a DOORBRIM Door Canopy.  Thanks DOORBRIM!

    Kara J – Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Good Morning, I had a local Handyman service install your Doorbrim yesterday while replacing my basement door. I am very pleased with the way it looks and the Handyman service took the paperwork and said they plan to use and recommend to other customers instead of building some from scratch to serve the same purpose. You have a very good product.

    Connie S. – Stephens City, VA.

  • “The DoorBrims came through Hurricane Sandy without a scratch.  They have solved our problem with the doors leaking in the rains.”

    Bob Drake – Performance Screen Supply, 600 Park Ave Suite 100 Manalapan, NJ 07726

  • The door brims are perfect! They are unobtrusive and blend right in with our house. They completely fixed the leaking water on our hardwood floors. Although I was willing to give it a go, my husband thought they might be tricky to install (they weren’t), so he had some house building friends come over to hang them. They were totally impressed with the whole concept, lol. Thanks again for all of your advice.

    Holly M – Atlanta, GA

  • Good morning! We have had soooo much rain in the last four weeks. The DOORBRIM works better than expected! You have to know I am somewhat skeptical at times and was pleasantly surprised at how well this item worked. No more water inside my Preschool doorway and into the carpet. 

    Thanks,Philip D. Greene – Property Director – Newport News Family YMCA, 7827 Warwick Blvd., Newport News, VA Protection Status
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