Doorbrim Specification Sheet  (PDF)

      Doorbrim Order Form (PDF)

      Doorbrim CSI Specifications REV 1/4/23       (PDF)      

      Extended Width Size Chart (PDF)


Primex PRIME ABS 750 Plastic Marketing Sheet (PDF)

Primex PRIME ABS 750 Plastic Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

         Splice Bracket Data Sheet (PDF)


STANDARD COLORS: (click to see available colors), (click to see matching fastener colors)

      Ultratec Beige #F637XH

      Ultratec Gray #F63TXA

      Ultratec Almond (Off White) #F63TXH

TOUCH UP: Our factory finishes match these standard Krylon Fusion spray paint colors:  

      Matt Glacier Gray — 2423    

Satin Almond (Off White) — 2437    

Satin Khaki (Beige) — 2438

 FASTENERS:  Dewalt ULTRACON+ Spec Sheet (PDF)

SEALERS:  ADSEAL 100% SILICONE  4580 Series Safety Data (PDF)



  • Made from durable weather tolerant black ABS plastic painted with UV protection, and will provide many years of use and protection. The same materials are used to manufacture parts for exterior use in the automotive and boating industries.

  • Manufactured with an integral gutter that diverts water out and away from buildings.

  • Size: 56″ wide, 7.75″ high and protrude 7.75″ away from your building structure.

  • Available in standard colors of almond, gray, or beige. Easily painted your own custom color.

  • Come pre-drilled and fasten easily in a simple bed of caulking with optional fasteners for wood or concrete.  Installation on rough or uneven surfaces like brick, rough texture stucco, tilt up concrete or metal buildings, are possible with a combination of closed cell foam and structural caulking.

  • Discourage mold by preventing water intrusion and extends the life of doors, jambs and hardware, while preventing costly and premature repairs.

  • Contain GREEN qualities as ABS plastic is fully recyclable.                                          

  • Best of all, DOORBRIM  Rain Diverters are Made in America  !!!!! 

Updated May 20th, 2024

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