Installation Procedures and Useful Links


General Instructions for Installing DOORBRIM Rain Diverters:

STANDARD WIDTH on Flush Concrete, Masonry, Stucco or Brick.

STANDARD WIDTH on Aluminum, Vinyl & Wood Cladding over Plywood or OSB Surfaces




Drawing – Installation on Non-Flush Surfaces using a Backer Rod and Structural Caulking

Architectural Detail Drawing – Installation above Hollow Metal Doors.


Useful Links to Articles on the Proper Method of Installations for Various Types of Doors:

1) Flashing a door rough opening is a very important step that is often skipped when installing a new door.

See video

2) Installing French Doors – Journal of Light Construction (FEB 2010).

3) We highly recommend the new composite pre-hung doors with integral threshold similar to the Endura Framesaver. The bottom 8-12″ of these frames are made of composite wood guaranteed for life against termites and rot. Check out their videos. I also suggest using composite or PVC door brick moldings and a pre-made sloped sill pan.  




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