SHORTER WIDTH 26-36″ RAIN DIVERTERS for Electrical Equipment & Windows


Great for protecting electric panels and switchgear, EV charging stations, cable boxes, pool equipment, building management systems, tele-entry key pads, irrigation controllers, outdoor speakers or any other application where water and moisture are affecting electrical circuits. Also waterproof exterior wall penetrations for conduits, pipes and ductwork. Some customers have even protected their doggy and cat doors from rain.

OPTIONAL COMPLETE INSTALLATION PACKAGE INCLUDES:     1) 1-9 oz tube of 100% SILICONE CAULKING 2) Dewalt Ultracon+ FASTENERS for wood, brick, concrete, stucco, or masonry and 3) 1-DRILL BIT for fasteners. $24.77 ($32.77 Retail, an $8 SAVINGS).


SHORTER rain diverters are used to waterproof and extend the life of electrical switchgear, service panels and meters, pool equipment, EV charging equipment, irrigation timers, outdoor speakers and more. They are also used to waterproof electrical conduit, pipe and duct penetrations in structural walls. Don’t forget protection for your doggie and cat doors!

Please be aware that EXTENDED and SHORTER width rain diverters use a center structural bracket (shown below) to achieve various widths. Be sure to verify there are no conflicts with this bracket. Custom fabricated sizes using a splice bracket (EXTENDED and SHORTER WIDTHS specifically) are NOT RETURNABLE. Please verify all colors and dimensions.

NEED HELP? If you are unsure if our product will work for your application, you are encouraged to contact Customer Service at  (754) 400-1357 or send us a message and photo(s) of your door or window to  We will review your submittal and offer our best recommendation.

door awning
DOORBRIM Splice Bracket

Remember to order color matched fasteners and accessories for an easy installation.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 26-36 × 8 × 8 in


OFF WHITE, BEIGE (light brown), GRAY


26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36




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