How to Fix a FRENCH DOOR leak?

A French door leak is usually due to the absence of sufficient overhangs and thresholds that are not water tight and funnel water inside a home whenever it rains. Common thresholds and weatherstripping are never sufficient to stop water leaks. Additionally, in-swing doors are difficult to waterproof and are notorious leakers. DOORBRIM Rain Diverters are an economical solution to this problem. Rain diverters work well for sliding glass doors (SGDs) and windows too. These rain diverters were installed on a residence in Fremont, CA. Leak issues were promptly resolved.



Our door rain diverters are sometimes referred to as door hoods and canopies among many other terms. They are unique due to a proprietary dripless front gutter that diverts rain away from building structures. Our products stop door leaks, protect and extend the life of doors, jambs and hardware for many additional years. Keep your doorways, walks and ramps drip free and safe.


  • First and foremost, a DOORBRIM products are an affordable and proven solution to help solve leaking issues at doors and windows. Additionally, all types of buildings including residential, industrial and commercial are suited for DOORBRIM door & window canopies.
  • Made from durable ABS plastic, consequently it is weather tolerant.
  • Sized for a standard 36″ door or window. 
  • Dimensions are 54  1/4″ outside width, 51  1/2″ inside width, 7  1/2″ high and 7  1/2″ deep. Additional specifications:
  • UV protected colors of almond (off white), beige or gray.
  • Easily painted any custom color to match your structure.
  • Easy installation with ordinary tools.
  • Optional stainless steel fasteners.
  • Installation on rough or uneven surfaces.
  • Prevent costly and premature repairs.
  • Discourages hidden mold by preventing water intrusion.
  • Extends the life of doors, jambs and hardware.
  • ABS plastic is also fully recyclable.
  • Finally, your Satisfaction with our product is Guaranteed to perform as intended.

Why buy DOORBRIM products to fix a French door leak?

Our awnings are superior to competitor metal flashings in several aspects. Unlike our competitors products made of steel,  DOORBRIM awnings will never rust and will last a lifetime. A huge difference is the integrated front gutter. DOORBRIM awnings project a full 7 1/2″ away from the wall compared to small metal drip edges without front gutters. The front gutter will not only prevent dripping but will direct water out and away from building structures. Extend the life of your doors, windows and hardware with DOORBRIM awnings.  A great alternative against expensive repairs and replacement, our awnings are easily installed with minimum tools. I am a past property maintenance manager and realize firsthand the value in spending wisely. However, it will be prudent to consider that our products will also protect & preserve your doors, jambs & hardware for many additional years. You don’t have to wait for the inevitable deterioration and leaks from normal weather and UV rays. A door canopy is cheap insurance compared to future repair and replacement.

DOORBRIM Services to help fix a French Door leak.

Send us a few images, if your experiencing window or door leaks, and our staff will analyze your circumstances and make our best recommendations.  Make sure to include an image of the overall building showing the site and roof overhangs, if existing. We will make every effort to help you solve your problem and we don’t always recommend a DOORBRIM canopy.

 Links to Useful Articles:

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