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door canopy

door canopy

DOORBRIM Door Canopy


Finally, an affordable Door Canopy that protects doors, helps stop leaking and keeps doorways drip free! No unprotected door should be installed without one.

DOORBRIM Awnings manufactures and markets an above mounted exterior door rain deflector called a Door Canopy.  Made of durable ABS plastic in two thicknesses: A light gauge for mild climates and a heavy gauge for climates with snow & ice. Door Canopies also have a drip free front gutter to divert water away from building structures to keep your doorways, walks and ramps dry while preventing leaks above and around door jambs and thresholds. Available in 3 UV protected colors and are proudly Made in USA. Door Canopies are easy to install and prevent leaks wherever doors and windows are exposed to rain.

door awningdoor canopyDoor Awning

Single Door Hoods for 36″ Doors from $189.99

door hood

door canopy





Extended Width Door Canopy for Double Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, French Doors, Overhead Doors & Windows Too! Achieved by joining Door Canopy sections together with intermediate structural Splice Brackets at 4′ max. intervals.  Starting at $329.99.

DOORBRIM Door Canopy
88″ Double Door Canopy


DOORBRIM Double Door Awning
Double Door Structural Splice Bracket







Protect your exterior electric circuit panels and switch gear to avoid costly repairs and service disruptions. Keep water off A/C, conduit and pipe penetrations. Many other uses are possible.

Electric Circuit Panel Protection
Electric Circuit Panel DOOR HOOD

door hood











A DOORBRIM Door Canopy is an exciting new innovation for the age old problem of protecting and preserving exterior doors, windows, frames and hardware from the adverse effects of Mother Nature. DOORBRIM Door Canopies are suitable for all types of residential and commercial buildings or anywhere doors and windows are exposed to weather.


    • Made from durable, weather tolerant ABS plastic.

    • Single Door Canopy fits a standard 36″ or less door. Dimensions are 54 1/2″ wide, 7 1/2″ high and 7 1/2″ deep.

    • Available in 3 standard UV protected colors of almond (off white), beige or gray or paint your own custom color.

    • Easily installed in a bed of caulking with a few ordinary tools.

    • Possible to install on rough or uneven surfaces like brick, rough texture stucco, tilt up concrete or metal buildings with an combination of closed cell foam butyl rods and structural caulking.

    • Extremely useful in preventing costly and premature repairs.

    • Proactive in discouraging rust, rot and hidden mold by preventing water intrusion; and extending the life of doors, jambs and hardware.

    • ABS plastic is also fully recyclable.

    • Also GREEN as ABS plastic is fully recyclable and prevents moisture causing mold and decay, which may affect air quality.

 7 day unconditional return policy, 30 day manufacturing defect warranty and 3 year limited warranty against chipping, cracking or degradation of material. All sizes and colors are in stock and available for immediate shipment. 




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