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DOORBRIM rain guard for sheds stops door leaks.

Rain guard for sheds prevents door leaks.

This handy homeowner notched the DOORBRIM center splice bracket with a Dremel tool to accommodate the trim around a large door. “I knew there would be a center bracket. I was pleased by the well designed and heavy duty nature of the bracket but it meant I had to modify […]

Door rain guard is affordable and stops leaking shed doors.

How to stop a shed door leak with a DOORBRIM drip edge?

[wpseo_breadcrumb] SHOP for DOORBRIM PRODUCTS Door canopies, sometimes referred to as a door hoods, provide shed door leak protection with a dripless front gutter. Our canopies divert water away from building structures. This helps stop leaks and keeps doorways, walks and ramps drip free. First and foremost, a DOORBRIM door canopy is […]