SHORTER WIDTH Rain Hoods 48 inches or less.

Image of an off white DOORBRIM rain diverter mounted above a second floor bay window with two side glass panels to prevent leaks when it rains.

How to fix a window leak?

Do you cringe every time dark clouds form in the sky because your doors and windows leak when it rains? Are you tired of wasting your time caulking countless times with no success? Are you losing costly energy savings? Stop leaks and protect your home with a DOORBRIM Rain Diverter. […]

Image shows a DOORBRIM canopy, rain diverter or hood over a doggie door to stop leaks when raining.

Doggie or Cat Door Rain Diverter stops leaks!

Give your with pets the freedom and comfort they deserve with a DOORBRIM Rain Diverter over their pet door. Easy to install, made of durable ABS plastic in 3 colors with UV inhibitors. Proudly manufactured in the USA. DOORBRIM door rain diverters are sometimes referred to as canopies or hoods […]

EV Charger Rain Protection

You’ve made a large investment in your new EV vehicle. Why not protect your charger from the elements and extend it’s life? Safely charge your EV in the rain. EV rain diverters come in three colors with stainless steel fasteners. Canopies can also be painted any custom color to match […]

DOORBRIM basement window rain guard

Basement window rain diverter stops leaks.

Here is a great example of a DOORBRIM basement window rain diverter installation to prevent water intrusion in the basement of a home during downpours.  You can also spray paint your rain diverter custom colors in the field to match your siding or trim.   SHOP for DOORBRIM PRODUCTS First and foremost, a DOORBRIM […]