Door rain guard is affordable and stops leaking shed doors.

How to stop a shed door leak with a DOORBRIM drip edge?

SHOP for DOORBRIM PRODUCTS Door canopies, sometimes referred to as a door hoods, provide shed door leak protection with a dripless front gutter. Our canopies divert water away from building structures. This helps stop leaks and keeps doorways, walks and ramps drip free. First and foremost, a DOORBRIM door canopy is an […]

Rain gutter for in swing doors.

The door brims are perfect! They are unobtrusive and blend right in with our house. They completely fixed the leaking water on our hardwood floors. Although I was willing to give it a go, my husband thought they might be tricky to install (they weren’t), so he had some house building friends come over to hang them. […]

Rain guard for above doorways – Stevens City, VA

Good Morning, I had a local Handyman service install your Doorbrim yesterday while replacing my basement door. I am very pleased with the way it looks and the Handyman service took the paperwork and said they plan to use and recommend to other customers instead of building some from scratch […]

Door Canopy by DOORBRIM stops leaks and dripping.

Good morning! We have had soooo much rain in the last four weeks. The DOORBRIM works better than expected! You have to know I am somewhat skeptical at times and was pleasantly surprised at how well this item worked. No more water inside my Preschool doorway and into the carpet.  […]