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We are a family owned small business located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Our rain diverters were born in 2012 and first marketed in the Spring of 2013. As a carpenter, home builder, Florida State General Contractor, construction manager and Director of Maintenance for a large commercial developer for over 50 years, I have repaired and replaced countless doors, windows, frames and hardware damaged from water leaks and poor installations. I searched far and wide for a simple, economical and preventative solution but came up empty handed every time. The only products commercially available provided inadequate coverage and projection from the structure. They also didn’t address or resolve dripping. Custom fabrications were expensive and had long lead times. This dilemma hatched a new concept that provided wider coverage of the entire door and window assembly, an 8″ projection, prevented dripping and fabrication from durable ABS plastic to prevent rusting.


The name DOORBRIM was chosen to brand our products and we market directly to customers online and exclusively in the US its territories. To date, we have helped countless customers protect their property by solving and preventing door and window leak problems. Our rain diverters have unlimited uses including above overhead doors, sliding glass doors, French doors, louvered doors, shed doors, roof access doors, basement windows and electrical equipment such as outdoor meters, speakers, EV chargers and pool equipment to name a few.


We take great pride in manufacturing DOORBRIM rain diverters and especially enjoy helping our customers solve water leak problems. We encourage our customers to send photos of their problems for our unbiased recommendations. We’re here to help so don’t hesitate to contact us at admin@doorbrim.com or call (754) 400-1357.  Our mailing address is 2822 54th AVE S #237, SAINT PETERSBURG, FL 33712-4610.


Best Regards,

Rich Jasinski

DOORBRIM Rain Diverters

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